Monday, January 2, 2012

Big Hug Bean Bags - This Summer's Big Thing!

Bean bags have evolved! No longer are they confined to the living room or the kid's bedroom. Thanks to Big Hug bean bags you can now enjoy the fun and comfort of these seats in your garden. These massive comfy chairs are ideal for the garden, patio, or decking and give you loads of lovely lounging space! Whether you are looking for an alternative to garden chairs or you want to add a chill-out area to your garden, Big Hug bean bags are a great option.

The great thing about these seats is that they are waterproof and that is a major plus! That means you can leave your bean bags outdoors without worrying about them getting damaged or waterlogged. You will be pleased about that as the size of them makes it hard to find a space for them indoors! It is advisable to put them in a shed or garage during the winter months however or at the very least to cover them with a protective cover. This will ensure they stay clean, fresh and ready for action once summer comes around.

A major downside to traditional bean bags is that they could often split causing the contents (usually little polystyrene balls) to scatter everywhere! Big Hug bean bags contain the same polystyrene beads, but they are locked tight inside the durable material of the bean bag and so there's no chance of them spilling out! That's good news for your Hoover!

If you would like to find out more about these fantastically comfy chairs there are companies selling these wonderful products online. They really do make a major difference to your garden and ensure everybody has a place to relax. There is even a version designed especially for pets so Tiddles and Fido can get in on the action too!

Summer is coming so why not make sure you have enough seating and areas for total relaxation. There is nothing like reclining in the sun and enjoying the company of friends and family so make sure you do it in style and comfort. There are lots of colours to pick from and you can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes that are sure to suit any budget. Ordering is easy and delivery charges are often free. These seats are also suitable for inside the home and perfect for living rooms, playrooms, conservatories, and bedrooms.

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